Cat and Pup
Cat and Pup

Fequently Asked Questions

Do you care for elderly animals with special needs?

Yes, I have taken care of a wide variety of pets that need extra attention including oral medications, topicals, injections, and fluids. 

There may be other people at the house while we're away, is that okay?

Yes, I certainly don’t mind if someone will be at your home during or outside of the scheduled visits, but I have found that it is very helpful to know about the possibility ahead of time.

Also, if there are unexpected visitors, I will let you know promptly.

What if my trip runs long or my flight is delayed?

I will do my best to take care of your pet's needs. Things happen and as long as you are flexible, I am always able to work something out.

Would it be possible for you to take care of a few non-pet things while we are away?

Yes, I bring in mail, newspapers, or packages, deal with garbage cans on request, and water indoor plants. 

I need a pet sitter for tonight, can you help?

For existing clients, I do my best to accommodate last-minute requests. I understand completely that life has its surprises and will be happy to help if possible.