About Debbie

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Insured and bonded
  • Member of Pet Sitters International

After working as a Certified Pharmacy Technician for many years at U of I Vet Med Small Animal Clinic, I decided to make a change and help fill a growing need in our community. I have built a full-time business out of making furry family members happy while their owners are away. 

About Debbie


"Debbie is a gem, and I recommend her to anyone that I can — she truly cares about and befriends the animals she looks after. To say that Debbie was incredibly helpful over many years of looking after my cat is an understatement — Debbie routinely took extra steps to ensure my cat was safe and comfortable, especially into his old age as he required more attention with multiple daily visits and medicines. Debbie’s experience in creature comforts and administering medication, and also sending picture updates and notes to me really put my mind at ease when I would take out-of-town trips and leave my cat in her wonderful care. Debbie is The Best. Really."

- Chris K. (and Megaman)

"Stay n Play Pet Care is great! We love it when Debbie cares for our pets. She is conscientiously committed to keeping them safe and happy. It didn't even phase her when our cat Cecil brought her a "present" in the form of a dead mouse! (Yikes!)"

- Cara F and John M (and Madison, Alice, Ivan, and Cecil)

"Debbie at Stay 'n Play Pet Care is a very unique and professional Pet Sitter. She has such a special touch with animals, but it is more than just a job for her. She takes her time and makes sure the cats and dogs are taken care of physically and emotionally, earning their trust and ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible in their owner’s absence. Debbie is the only Pet Sitter my cat Charlie (a.k.a. Mr. Fuzzy Pants) will come out of hiding for. As a veterinarian, that is very important to me. I feel completely comfortable leaving him in her care. She also takes care of me as an owner, sending plenty of photos of Charlie playing and basking in the sunlight so I know he is happy! She has become a dear friend over the years."

- Sharon W

"Debbie has been taking care of our cat for almost two years now, and we highly recommend her. Not only does she do the essentials (food, water, litter), but she takes the time to brush him and give him some much needed attention while we're gone. Plus she always texts us a picture each morning, which my girls greatly appreciate. It's obvious she really cares about our pets, and you can be confident that she will give yours the love and attention they need."

- Jessica T (Bob's human)

"We moved to Urbana in June, 2005. One week later we had a trip planned to visit family and we needed a kitty sitter right away! We found Debbie and she has had the keys to our home ever since. Our beloved kitties with whom we moved here have passed on and we are now into our second set of furry friends. She has made friends with all of them over the years, spends lots of time with them when her schedule allows, and has even managed to clip claws when we have not! We have always come home to happy kitties."

- Lois K

"Debbie is a true godsend to the pet and human community. There is no friend to pets (or humans) more dependable, sincere, loving, organized, and attentive to every care detail. ... She goes above and beyond in every aspect of her job. Debbie’s dedication, kindness, and astute observation provide true peace of mind. She communicates and sends pictures/updates every visit. There is no better sitter on the planet. Paws down!! I could not leave home without her!!"

- Alice R (Molly and Otto)

"Debbie has been there for me through frigid early morning dog walking to the gifts that keep on giving from my cats. In spite of the snakes and mice, she’s still willing to venture into the basement. Debbie takes it all on and makes sure everyone is happy, safe, and fed, even keeping an eye on the critters outdoors. And she takes pictures!"

- Bonny G

My Milo...

My Milo...

Milo passed away on New Year's Eve 2022. He was a very, very good kitty.